Welcome to the WIZ ZONEEdit

Current Loading Screen

The current WIZ MUD loading screen, drawn by memow and edited by bigWiz.

Wiz mud promotional poster

A WIZ MUD poster. Currently, users are offered a special promo item for printing one out, hanging it up in a public area, and posting a picture to twitter.

WIZ MUD is an online wizard hangout spot. The game is being developed by Virtual Buddies and is currently in its alpha stage. WIZ MUD officially launched on February 18, 2017. You can view the game's Patreon page here and its Twitter here. The soundtrack for WIZ MUD was created by Euglossine.

Unlike traditional MUDs, WIZ MUD has a highly aesthetic 3D world for wizards to enjoy. It currently consists of four main areas: the island, WIZ MUD Museum, ModZone (mods only, apparently), and the world's largest online spooky maze (for a limited time only). The main features of the island area are the pond, a tree with wind chimes, and the store, where wizards can purchase various somewhat useless items with Wizbucks. The WIZ MUD Museum houses official WIZ MUD fan art, along with a large tome of ancient knowledge.. too bad people have been scribbling over the pages for the last two years. Mod Zone features [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted].

Again deviating from the MUD tradition, WIZ MUD is being built around the idea of unintentional emergent gameplay. Wizards can combine emotes, potions, items, physics, and interwizard interactions to discover unexpected interactions and glitches. This game play relies heavily on the use of text based commands which hearken back to traditional MUDs.

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